International Whisky Day

It’s our favourite day of the year- International Whisky Day!

Wherever you are today, you can take a minute or two to toast your own special experiences with ‘Scotland in a glass.’┬«

Today, we’re using the occasion to celebrate the changing face of whisky, and help break down age-old stereotypes of who and how you should enjoy whisky!

For every amazing person we’ve met throughout the Whisky world, we’ve had someone, quizzical look in tow, reinforce the myth of whisky being a ‘man’s drink’ and question our status as members of the Whisky family. Instead, we raise our glass to celebrating the rich diversity of whisky drinkers worldwide, to embracing change in the whisky world, and to celebrating┬á#ourwhisky.

Don’t wait for change, join our Whisky Ambassador family today.


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