Whisky Ambassador Guide to Frankfurt

Despite German-made whisky’s late start, Whisky in Germany is still a relatively recent phenomenon. Having only started in the last 30 years, the fan base of the spirit is still fairly large. There are currently 23 distilleries in Germany producing whisky in a wide variety of styles: single malts, blends, and bourbon styles. Apart from national distilleries, there is also great interest in the traditional production regions, especially in Scotland. More recently, Frankfurt has evolved to become a primary German hub for “Uisge Beatha“. Aside from The Whisky Ambassador training courses taking place in Frankfurt, there are plenty more whisky-related things to do in and around town.

InterWhisky Exhibition

InterWhisky is a 3 day event being held from 30th November to 2nd December 2018 in the fabulous Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten venue in Frankfurt, touted as being a must-see for whisky beginners and pros. Both Whisky giants and ever smaller, independent distilleries from home and abroad come to Frankfurt for the annual family reunion.

In 2016 35 exhibitors presented their companies and products at InterWhisky. 8,000 visitors came to discover the latest trends and innovations of the industry. The main Whiskies exhibited will be from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and USA, as well as some German whisky distilleries, companies, touristic associations, whisky accessories. Welcomed are trade visitors as well as the public.

Whisky Shops

Whisky Spirits – Wallstraße 23, 60594 Frankfurt am Main – http://www.whiskyspirits.de

Whisky for Life – Fahrgasse 6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main – http://www.whiskyforlife.de

Die Whisky Kiste – Berliner Str. 39, 60311 Frankfurt am Main – http://www.diewhiskykiste.de

Looking for some of the finest whiskies available in Germany? Look no further than these Frankfurt stores. They all have an exquisite selection of Scotch Whiskies, Bourbons, as well as other international and local Whiskies. Due to the staff’s combined decades long professional experience and passionate interest in the production and tradition of Scotland’s national drink, you can be sure to get the best consulting whether you are new to the world of whisky or already a seasoned whisky veteran. Both Whisky Spirits and Whisky for life offer tastings and workshops. For more information please visit their respective websites.

Whesskey Distillery

Only an hour’s drive outside of Frankfurt you find the distillery Höhler, produces of exquisite German whisky since 2001. “Whesskey” is a play on the word whisky and Hessen, the state in which it is produced. Whesskey has subsequently gone on to be not only one of the most popular whiskies in Germany but has also built up a reputation internationally. Well known whisky critic Jim Murray named their first whisky “Best Whisky of the European mainland” in 2004. In addition, they also offer regular tastings and guided distillery tours. Within only an hour’s drive of Frankfurt, Höhler distillery  is a perfect stop to complement our upcoming Whisky Ambassador Frankfurt course. You’ll find more information on Whesskey’s history and the process behind production at: https://www.brennerei-hoehler.de.

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