2012 ASB Young Business of the Year Award

As you can see from the headline, we’re finalists in the ASB – Young Business of The Year. As you’ll notice, it’s BusinessWOMEN because the Board at The Whisky Ambassador is 66% female. We’re girl-centric. It’s not something we really think about to be honest but without a doubt, it’s clear that the Whisky world is becoming more of a female domain, with some of the very best Head Blenders and Brand Ambassadors in the Industry being women. It’s an actual fact that the female palate is a superior weapon, when it comes to whisky tasting and appreciation. What the wine World has known for decades, is now catching on in the Scotch Whisky landscape.

It’s really good that The Whisky Ambassador, as such a fledgling company, has been nominated for this Award and of course, we’d LOVE to win it.

However, it’s not just a matter of turning up in a posh frock at the Awards Dinner and crossing our fingers. Judging takes place at the end of this month and as part of this, there will be a 20-minute, filmed interview! Only one person can represent The Whisky Ambassador at the interview and the associated filming session so it’s going to be a fun day deciding who this will be!

The video, highlighting all the finalists is to be shown on the evening of the Awards in September, so it’s going to be all very exciting.

We intend to compete for a number of Awards because we truly believe that Scotch Whisky really needs an initiative like The Whisky Ambassador. If we’re going to educate, train and get the World excited about selling whisky, we need as many plaudits as possible.

If we can help this process along by raising our profile even more, we’re going to!




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