Certified with Style – Est.2012

Welcome to the home of The Whisky Ambassador, the UK’s only Accredited Whisky training programme for drinks professionals.

Our aim is simple, to help people everywhere to sell Scotland’s National Drink with the enthusiasm and expertise it deserves. As you are reading this, you’re probably aware, there’s a bottle of ‘Scotch’ in just about every bar in the world At the moment, the global growth of the Scotch Whisky market is nothing short of amazing. The World is falling in love with Whisky more than ever.

At The Whisky Ambassador, it’s our job to tell you all about this and offer a unique and unrivalled training programme to help you sell whisky, to an increasingly enlightened and broad demographic of drinker. We’re enthusiasts, ¬†experts and on a mission to change perceptions. Our mantra is: Drink Less. Drink Better.

Following the brand development exercise our designers O Street have come up with a marque which we fell matches our lofty ambitions. ¬†As we launch this, we’re mindful of the history, heritage and kudos Scotch whisky has and the impact it’s made, as a ‘fabric’ industry of Scotland.



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