The Angel’s Share

The Angel’s Share is the area here where we’ll be Socially sharing the wonderful world of Scotch whisky. The whisky world is a fun and amazingly well-connected community. There are whisky lovers all over the World and you’re just as likely to get some amazing whisky facts from a 21 year old Scandinavian student, as you are from a seasoned Whisky Industry professional. It’s a very exciting time and by spreading the whisky love, we’ll let you find out about Industry developments, whisky innovation, exciting sales and promotional ideas and ways to get your customers, guest of visitors to really enjoy whisky.

We’re 100% independent and this enables us to work with everyone but probably more importantly, tell you like it really is. There’s no distiller giving us hefty incentives to push their products, we suggest to sell whisky which is sexy and tastes amazing. This can come from big and small, independent and conglomerate distillers but one thing is for sure, you’ll not be hearing ‘a word from our sponsor’ any time soon.

It’s also important to note that Whisky (and Whiskey) is not just Scotland’s. There are amazing distilleries all over the World and some of the very best whiskies aren’t Scottish. We’ll be telling you about them and telling you how Scotch Whisky is coping, living in the arena of global competition.

Whisky Barrels

We believe that although Scotch Whisky is just an alcoholic beverage, it’s actually an intrinsic part of Scotland, the country where it is made. That’s why, with our full day’s training programme, you’ll be learning a lot more than just how Scotch Whisky is made. You’ll learn about Scotland, you’ll learn about the culture of Scotland and you’ll learn about the Whisky history of Scotland. Whisky’s a drink that’ is distilled from the very essence of Scotland and it’s people. As craft, provenance, foundation and quality become increasingly important in an ever changing world, we think whisky can help underpin this, in the spirit drinking world.

Whisky Barrels

Whisky, it’s not a matter of life or death, it’s much more important than this. Let us train you to help Scotch Whisky be the very best it can be.


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