New Online Tasting – Wednesday 8th April, 2020 with BenRiach

Hello all

These things are coming in thick and fast in the current coronavirus crisis. Some of them are at very short notice too. This once came in today for an online event this evening at 8p.m. BST. It’s on Instagram Live via @BenRiach and is a conversation about BenRiach with Global Brand Ambassador, Stewart Buchanan and Head of Advocacy, Douglas Cook “responsible for introducing BenRiach’s flavour palette to countries across the world”.  I’m not sure therefore what the difference is between advocacy and brand ambassadorship but I intend to ask them!

The conversation is a “journey into the art of distillation, exploring how this impacts the flavour possibilities of BenRiach single malt” and “sharing the distillery’s rich heritage in the process.” Should be a good one as I’ve heard Stewart speak before. I don’t know Douglas but will look forward to seeing him in this.

You get to submit questions in advance so get to it people! You have only a few hours till it starts.

There will be more in this series from this company but  I’ll cover that in my column to be posted by end of this week.




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