Scotch Whisky Auctions-Bidding to be the best.

Imagine if you will that a few Scotsmen decided to take-on the might of the World Whisky Auction arena. A heady and rarified¬†domain, populated by old-school and some might say rather elitist Auction houses with centuries of history. Imagine further that this grappling with the Auction Gods would begin not in Bond Street in London or in George Street in Edinburgh but in a slightly unfashionable part of Glasgow, in an old shop unit. If you were going to try to infiltrate the silk-bow-tied and pin striped auction mafia, you’d also be looking for a bit of double-barrelled bluster and cravatted connections, which would see you standing cheek-by-jowl with Establishment Etonians and Arthouse aficionados. Well? You would, wouldn’t you?

It’s really rather remarkable then that a bearded, ex-newspaper man called Bill and another bloke called Tam have not only thrown their hat into this Auction House ring but have started to become the sensible option, for those wanting to sell their treasured drams, or for others looking to invest in, or start collecting, Whisky, the World’s most Iconic spirit.

Having shared a dram with the chaps, it’s clear that they are short on pomposity, long on West Coast of Scotland largesse and generally, are having a blinking good time, doing something they absolutely LOVE doing.

At The Whisky ¬†Ambassador, we’re all about pricking the pomposity of the whisky dullards, urging the World to: Drink Less. Drink Better and of course, help bars, restaurants, clubs hotels and Licensed premises make a few quid selling Scotland’s National Drink, an iconic product. In short, increasing profits and spreading the whisky love in lots of new and unexpected areas. We want loads of people to enjoy whisky, not just the old demographic of ‘blokes of a certain age’.

It therefore delights us that (because it is they that we speak of) are doing so well and share a lot of our ideals. It’s got a little to do with the fact they are ‘on our manor’ so to speak but it’s got a lot to do with the fact that they have got so many things right that we salute these Whisky Heroes. We expect an email from them correcting us or suggesting they are far from the real deal yet, cos that is how they are.

That may be the case but when such an important and burgeoning aspect of Scotland’s whisky fabric such as the world of Whisky Auctions is starting to become infiltrated by local Scots, who really bring true resonance to the phrase ‘labour of love’, you’ve got to smile. As Scotch Whisky Auctions are those that pass the PLU test (People Like Us), it really inspires us to see that the world of Whisky can embrace small and interesting businesses, in what is a jolly exciting time for ‘Scotch’. Let’s hope Scotch Whisky Auctions go on to become even more firmly established and all concerned get a dashed good living out of it, for all the hard work they have put into it.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?



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