The Whisky Comedian

We LOVE Alan Anderson, The Whisky Comedian. He’s really knowledgeable but he makes finding out about whisky (or in this case, Connemara Irish whiskey), really fun. His podcasts are great and he ropes-in all kinds of comedians and his bonkers pals on his travels.

Here he is, half-way-up a mountain, with his celebrity comedian chums. Irish comedian Ed Byrne knows a good bit about Whisky. As he studied at Strathclyde University and spends a lot of time Munro Bagging in Scotland and retiring to some of the great bars after a day in the hills,  it’s hardly surprising.

Quite interesting to hear their thoughts on an Irish malt. The Irish are definitely coming to ‘Maltland’ though! There are some cracking Irish malts now and with news that the biggest Pot Still in the world is to be installed at Middleton, Scotch is going to have to keep pushing the envelope!


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