Whisky. It’s more than just a drink

The Island of Islay is an amazing place. It lies off the West coast of Scotland and it’s got eight distilleries. This fact makes it unique. However, even if you can’t stand whisky, the ┬áIslay Festival┬áis an example of the other fact that Scotland’s National drink is about much more than actually drinking. Whilst there are some places in the central belt of Scotland where sadly, hardly a second thought is given to whisky, there are other areas, where it’s simply woven into the fabric of life. Islay is such a place.

At the end of May and the beginning of June, the Islay Festival encapsulates everything that’s perfect about the Scottish Islands. There are many bigger, glitzier and higher profile events in Scotland.

None capture anything like the honesty and Scottishness of the festival held on ‘The Whisky Island’. It’s really a ‘must do’ event in Scotland, whether you like whisky, or not.


  • Talat

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